Art – Mussel Shell Serious

 Mussel Brooch 01


Mussel Brooch 02


Mussel Brooch 03


Mussel shell combines the contrasting values of durability and fragility. I decided to rethink these values and use my own means to explain this concept.



Screen Shot 2018-01-22 at 15.58.47

Mussel Shells are not as fragile as eggshells; in fact, it has a similar quality of hardness to steel. They are relatively hard to break, and often have a dark/cold colour. I was more likely to find a different form by using metal to represent the characteristics instead of the shell itself. I used metal with threads, steel with silver to re-create the contrast between hard and soft, showing the protection of the fragility within its tough shell.


Art – Eggshell Series

The reason I chose eggshell for the material is due to its fragile characteristics, being very similar to pure organic ceramic but without any cultural background to it. More importantly, I have realised that the value of an egg can only be shown when the shell is broken, and the “essence” within it remains unknown until then.

For this collection, I mainly focused on using neglected organic objects and their unique characteristics to design a jewellery.

For example, the use of eggshells and designing industrial protection for the organic object. Through this, I explored on the visual dialogue between the two materials with their contrasting attributes of hardness and fragility. Also, through these attributes, it interacts the audiences by altering their behavior towards it.


Eggshell Object

Medium: Goose Eggshell, Stainless Steel Techniques: Welding
Size: 90mm*63mm*60mm
Date Made: 03/2016



Eggshell Brooch

Medium: Goose Eggshell, Stainless Steel, Sequins, PVA Glue Techniques: Welding
Size: 75mm*69mm*30mm
Date Made: 04/2016


Eggshell Ring

Medium: Goose Eggshell, Stainless Steel, Enamel Paint Techniques: Welding
Size: 60mm*57mm*45mm
Date Made: 03/2016